Which one is not a legal variable name in python? ( Full List )

In Python, variable names cannot start with a number and cannot contain any special characters except for the underscore (_). Also, Python has a list of reserved words that cannot be used as variable names. Examples of these reserved words include:

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  • and
  • as
  • assert
  • break
  • class
  • continue
  • def
  • del
  • elif
  • else
  • except
  • False
  • finally
  • for
  • from
  • global
  • if
  • import
  • in
  • is
  • lambda
  • None
  • nonlocal
  • not
  • or
  • pass
  • raise
  • return
  • True
  • try
  • while
  • with
  • yield

So any variable name that starts with a number or contains special characters except underscore(_) or one of the reserved words would be not a legal variable name in python.


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