What is Code?

Our Program, Source Code is an instruction, which we give to the computer to perform, to do some task of ours, our code is written in the English language which we can understand not the computer, that’s a programming language, the computer can understand that syntax when it gets converted into binary language with the help of compiler and interpreter.

We use code to create an application, websites, games, and software. coder, programmers build products for all major platforms, such as computers, PC, smartphones, and tablets. By observing user requirement and their problems.

Programmers do coding in the English language, which we understand using programming language syntax, each has its own syntax and rules. Syntax rule to write properly with indentation, and space format.

Some popular programming languages are Python, R Language, Java, HTML, and JavaScript.

To write code, we all are coders, and use a Compiler and interpreter to enter our instructions in the English language, programming language. Once the code has been written, then compiled, or converted, into a binary language, 1 and 0, which computer understands and executes the source code of our program, with the help of a compiler and interpreter.

Overall, code is a very important part of building software in today’s world.

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