Python program that uses the requests and BeautifulSoup packages to scrape the weather forecast for Mumbai from the website.

In this program, we first import the requests and BeautifulSoup packages. We define the URL to scrape as url, which is the weather forecast page for Mumbai on AccuWeather.

We then send a GET request to the URL using requests.get and store the response in response. We parse the HTML content of the response using BeautifulSoup and store it in soup.

We then use soup.find and soup.find_all to find the current temperature and condition, as well as the daily forecast. We loop over the daily forecast using a for loop, and use find and get_text to extract the day of the week, condition, low temperature, and high temperature for each day.

Finally, we use print statements to print out the current temperature and condition, as well as the daily forecast.

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

Define the URL to scrape

url = “”

Send a GET request to the URL and store the response

response = requests.get(url)

Parse the HTML content of the response using BeautifulSoup

soup = BeautifulSoup(response.content, “html.parser”)

Find the current temperature and condition

current_temp = soup.find(“span”, class_=”display-temp”).get_text()
current_cond = soup.find(“span”, class_=”cond”).get_text()

Find the daily forecast

daily_forecast = soup.find(“ul”, class_=”daily”).find_all(“li”)

Print the results

print(“Current temperature in Mumbai is:”, current_temp)
print(“Current condition in Mumbai is:”, current_cond)
print(“Daily forecast for Mumbai:”)
for forecast in daily_forecast:
day = forecast.find(“h3”).get_text()
cond = forecast.find(“span”, class_=”cond”).get_text()
temp_low = forecast.find(“span”, class_=”temp”).find_all(“span”)[0].get_text()
temp_high = forecast.find(“span”, class_=”temp”).find_all(“span”)[2].get_text()
print(day + “:”, cond + “,”, “Low: ” + temp_low + “,”, “High: ” + temp_high)


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