Python program that converts minutes to hours, hours to days, and so on

In this program, we first ask the user for input of a number of minutes. We then convert the minutes to hours by dividing by 60. We then convert the hours to days by dividing by 24, and so on, until we have converted weeks to months (assuming 4 weeks per month).

We then print out the results using the print function, which takes a string and any number of variables to be substituted into the string. In this case, we use the variables minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months to create the output strings.

Note that this program assumes a fixed number of weeks per month, which may not be accurate in all cases. You may need to adjust the calculation for months depending on your specific use case.

Ask the user for input

minutes = int(input(“Enter the number of minutes: “))

Convert minutes to hours

hours = minutes / 60

Convert hours to days

days = hours / 24

Convert days to weeks

weeks = days / 7

Convert weeks to months (assuming 4 weeks per month)

months = weeks / 4

Print the results

print(minutes, “minutes is equal to”, hours, “hours”)
print(hours, “hours is equal to”, days, “days”)
print(days, “days is equal to”, weeks, “weeks”)
print(weeks, “weeks is equal to”, months, “months”)


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