Crime in Web3 – Metaverse World

In a Web3 world, where everyone has a unique username that is only visible to the user and platform owner, it may be difficult for the police to identify the person responsible for a crime. This could potentially lead to an increase in cybercrime.

In the evolving landscape of the Web3 world, where everyone possesses a unique username visible solely to themselves and the platform owner, law enforcement faces new obstacles in addressing cybercrime.

With this level of anonymity, determining the culprits behind online criminal activities becomes increasingly challenging.

As a result, there is a concern that cybercrime might witness a surge in this decentralized era.

However, it’s important to note that technological advancements not only benefit criminals but also empower law enforcement agencies. By continuously adapting and developing innovative investigative techniques, authorities strive to stay one step ahead and safeguard the digital realm from illicit activities.


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