A Balanced Appreciation – Recognizing Both Parents in Speeches and Gratitude

When delivering a speech on a significant platform, it is important not to solely credit your mother. It is equally important to acknowledge and credit your father.

In my opinion, it is appropriate to mention your father’s name first before your mother’s name.

Alternatively, if you prefer to give a more general acknowledgement, you can directly say, “All credits go to my parents,” especially when delivering the speech in English. This ensures that both parents receive the recognition they deserve.

When we find ourselves standing on a significant platform, delivering a speech that holds great meaning, it is essential to remember the role of both parents in shaping our lives. While it is common to express gratitude and credit our mothers, it is equally important to acknowledge the contributions of our fathers.

In my perspective, it is appropriate to begin by mentioning our fathers’ names before our mothers’ names during such speeches. This ensures a balanced approach, highlighting the significance of both parents’ roles in our journey.

Giving credit solely to our mothers may unintentionally downplay the valuable contributions and support provided by our fathers. By acknowledging our fathers first, we demonstrate an inclusive and appreciative attitude that recognizes the important role each parent plays in our lives.

Alternatively, when delivering speeches in English, it can be effective to use a more general acknowledgment, such as “All credits go to my parents.” This allows for a comprehensive recognition of both parents without giving precedence to one over the other.

By adopting a balanced approach in giving credit, we honor and celebrate the efforts, sacrifices, and love that both our mothers and fathers have invested in our upbringing. It is a way to express our gratitude for the valuable lessons, guidance, and support they have provided throughout our lives.

In conclusion, when delivering speeches on significant platforms, it is crucial to give credit to both parents. By mentioning our fathers’ names first or using a more general acknowledgment, we demonstrate our appreciation for the combined efforts of our parents. Let us recognize the integral roles both our mothers and fathers have played in shaping our lives and express our gratitude accordingly.


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